Being a Sweat Pink Ambassador, we’re given wondrous opportunities to review products that are up-and-coming or have been on the market for a while. I’ve been so super curious about Vega Sport because it’s plant-based and I’m, unfortunately, used to eating (AKA relying on) chemicals out of a bag. My veg/vegan runner friends swear by its taste and results so why not try it, right?


The package came in a tightly sealed dry ice box, already letting it be known that it isn’t your typical energy bar but made from real food. My co-workers, who are athletes themselves, were very hesitant to try it because they believe in the power of chemicals. I convinced them because, really, what do they have to lose? So I passed the bars around and this is what they said:



We compared it to a competitor brand we consume on a daily basis and unanimously preferred Vega Sport because of its natural taste. And as it just so happened, we planned to workout shortly after indulging in this protein goodness and my energy levels couldn’t have been better! I didn’t feel bloated, heavy, and it didn’t take my body a while to get moving, which is what the competitor brand does to me.

This review is honest and in my own words – there’s absolutely no reason to sugar coat anything because it doesn’t benefit anyone. With that said, I dare you DARE YOU to go out and buy just one bar yourself. I promise you’ll enjoy it more than all other brands and really feel the difference. I must forewarn you though that it might get addicting like, you-can-eat-it-all-day addicting. 😉

Until the next review…

keep on running!


I’m featured!

I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador who sweats pink all day every day. If you don’t know what that’s about, click here to learn more (oh trust me, you’ll want to know!). A fellow Ambassador reached out and wanted to feature inspiring athletes of all types on her website. So who was chosen for this week’s Runner Spotlight Series?

It feels weird to be featured (because I’m not that comfortable being in the spotlight of anything yet) but I’m definitely honored. Thank you, Carmel, for featuring me in your latest series! Check out her site: The Life and Vibes Of | Style, Travel, Fitness, and Everything In Between. With a title like that, you’ll certainly find something great to read!

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keep on running!

I sweat pink!

Who knows what a Sweat Pink Ambassador is?

It is exactly what I want to be about.

They “..inspire others on their journey to health..believe that strong is the new skinny..have a positive attitude and know whole foods is a healthier route to happiness..understand that pink is the new black.”

Get ready to SWEAT PINK, people!

On my way to a better me, I stumbled upon a website dedicated to individuals who want to be healthy, are healthy, and stay healthy. It’s called Fit Approach and they are building a healthy community..one shoelace at a time.

Who are Sweat Pink Ambassadors? They are:

Natural leaders – they motivate those around them to be their very best and set an example of positive, healthy living. Shoot, I hope I am! I feel I am though am afraid of stepping into the Richard Simmons zone (I don’t want to hear any of that 10 burpees deep!).
Enthusiastic health nuts – they love sweating and eating well but can (and will!) appreciate the finer things in life. The finer things in life, to me, involve In-n-Out french fries. This may differ from Fit Approach’s definition of it though. Teehee.
Curious – eager to discover, learn, share, and connect. I live the “curiosity killed the cat” life.
Passionate – living well gets them going and their enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve never lived a more “well” life than I do now and, I’m pretty sure, I annoy people with my enthusiasm. This is where I’m borderline Richard Simmons.

Why should you become a Sweat Pink Ambassador? Why not? You can:

Inspire others – you will make huge changes in people’s lives by encouraging them to “quit being a couch potato and start living life!”
Get connected – you’ll gain a network of like-minded people, which means inspiration and motivation never end.
Gain exposure – you’ll gain visibility and a whole new audience whether it be on your blog, raising awareness within your family/friends/community, and such.
Get pink swag – did someone say “swag?” Ambassadors get discounts on as well as free Sweat Pink gear for themselves and their community.

That’s right, folks. I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador.

I believed in myself and I believe in YOU to become one, too.

So make the change you want to see in yourself as well as others. Make your community a happier place to come home to. Make this year (and the years to come) a better world, a better country, a better you.

Until the next post..

keep on running!