From LA to Portland

I know it’s been several months since my last update but for great reason. Just as the title of this post states, I recently moved from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR and it’s been one heck of a transition. I moved to Oregon for love: nature, air, and food culture. However, Los Angeles has my heart because that’s where my friends and family are. But my huge want became a gigantic need so I hustled my way North to live out what I used to dream. As always with life, onward and upward!

Check out the popular Waterfront! There is my necklace that reads “Los Angeles.” I may not live there anymore but it’s not too far off in the distance!

I love LOVE hiking. I plan to do a lot of it this summer. There’s something about trekking up a mountainside, breathing in the crisp air and becoming mesmerized by the lush green, and then reaching the top overlooking where you were before. It’s kind of like life, isn’t it? Hiking (according to my definition): participate in something challenging and you keep going because there’s no way but up and once you reach the top, you feel an extreme sense of accomplishment and wonder. See: Dreams.

Los Angeles will always have my heart but I know I need (and want) to make room for Oregon as well. I mean, there’s a reason I moved here so…time to take a bite out of it! It’s a cookie, by the way, if you couldn’t already tell. Haha!

It’s a goal of mine to write a book about…I don’t know what, exactly, but it would be based on quality over quantity. I always find when there’s love and passion put into something, the quality of it is immeasurable. The only thing that makes sense about quantity (for me) is having a million people live with such quality. Anyways, this looks like it could be my future book cover, huh? It would come with running shoelaces as a bookmark. 🙂

This post isn’t exactly about running but it has similarities if you read into it. With things you really want in life, there’s always a challenging aspect attached. One might call the process a “marathon” because you’re physically and mentally forced to keep going or not. Choosing to run carries the same reasoning behind why I chose to live out my dreams in Oregon: for various reasons that all deal with matters of the heart. There are thoughts of giving up, questioning why I ever considered this in the first place, and declaring to never do it again but then I remember love. Love for the joy, wonder, and accomplishment I’ve given and continue to give myself. Love for me.

I know I still have previous races to write about so don’t worry, I’ll get to it. Time to head out for a run because the sun is out and I love being surrounded by trees, trees, and more trees!

Until the next post…

keep on running!


2 Replies to “From LA to Portland”

  1. Welcome to the great PacNW! I’m a CA transplant as well and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I look forward to reading more blog posts. Until then, good luck with your training. See ya on the course!



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