Lottery: Chicago Marathon

Whenever a runcation (run + vacation) presents itself, I’ll quickly clear my calendar because being able to do two passions at one time is like hitting the jackpot. Except, in this case, I had to go through a lottery first.

The lottery for the Chicago Marathon, to be exact.

It was an usually busy day at work so I wasn’t able to check my personal email or stay up-to-date with social media. Not that I should be doing things other than work during work hours but, you know, sometimes you just need to “getaway.” Right before I packed up for the day and catching a moment to browse my email, my eyes quickly noticed this subject line:

“Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into the Chicago Marathon!”

It was real, folks. It became all too real: I won the lottery and I’m officially running the Chicago Marathon!!!

I can’t wait to see this, run this, and eat their food because I hear it’s all amazing. 😀

Until the next post..

keep on running!


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