Like, totally, for sure!

I’d been hearing about an “Awesome ’80s Run” and how awesome it is to dress up and run for quite some time. I’d seen pictures and though it does appear that everyone is having an awesome time, it didn’t appeal as awesome to me.

Until I was peer pressured.

Photo courtesy of Awesome ’80s Run

I love the ’80s as I am definitely an ’80s child but I cringed at the thought of running in non-running attire. How uncomfortable would that be? Think of the chafing! But a bunch of my friends were doing it and I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with friends whenever possible so, as always, friends trump being uncomfortable. Hello, hot and sunny August 24!

I gave up the Golden Arches a long time ago but how cute does this kid look?! Side note: I wore my ballet outfit. Hehe.

“It’s Rick James, b*tch!” Hahaha.

Michelle, meet Michelle. I was confused when I met them the first time. Haha!

I’m so glad I ran into Becca and Brandi (she keeps me sane middays)!

Have y’all heard about Draco? He’s the one who started Kindness Marathon – spreading joy around the globe!

It’s always a good time with my New Year’s Race crew! We represent everywhere! Have you registered for New Year’s Race yet? You best get on it as it’s happening January 4, 2014! Contact me for my exclusive VIP Ambassador code for an awesome discount!

Have you ran a race dressed in non-running attire? Would you ever?

Until the next run..

keep on running!



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