Minion domination!

I’m notoriously known for encouraging others to go beyond their limits and push the boundaries of fearful thoughts.

“You can do this 5K easily. You workout at the gym all of the time. This run will be easy peezy.” was what I slyly told John.

For those of you who don’t remember or know, I wrote about John Nguyen several posts back. He’s been on an incredible journey to lose weight and gain a healthy lifestyle. He was a spectator at a half marathon I did in June 2013, and became inspired by all of the runners and supporters there. It was a new kind of feeling for him.

“Wow, I’m inspired. I want to run.” said John.

Boom! He was reeled in and all I needed to do was sign him up. I enjoy attending county fairs and it just so happened that the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA was coming up. Surprise surprise, they had a 5K Fun Run to go with it! I encouraged John to try it out, test his limits, and have fun! He was hesitant but made a party out of it: he attracted several members of BRIK Fitness as well as family and friends to join him at his first 5K race! On August 4, we entered minion domination.

First Female Minion Finisher! I should get an armpit tan, no?

The cutie patootie right smack dab in the middle is the cutest minion ever.

Mark Wahlberg’s personal trainer ran with the cutest minion on top of his shoulders. Of course he would!

This was, by far, the funnest 5K I’ve ran to date. Not only were we minions but we attracted a lot of great attention and, most importantly, John had a great time! I videotaped him pushing his hardest with friends cheering him on to the finish. It was an awesome sight to see.


Until the next run..

keep on running!



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