That time I did a mud run

I have a slight case of OCD regarding cleanliness. Okay, a mild case. Alright alright, a severe case about everything having to be clean and sanitized. If you’ve ever been surrounded by kids who eat snot as a treat and use you as a tissue to sneeze (and then wipe their noses) on, you’d want to live in a bubble, too! Sigh, but alas, there’s no escaping peer pressure.

“Come on, do this mud run with me! I signed up for a half marathon with you. It’s nothing compared to a mud run. This will be easy.” totes the BFF.

She knows how I am about cleanliness. She knows that I once used hand sanitizer on my hair when an unfortunate incident occurred. Fast forward to me rolling my eyes for the millionth time and I finally agreed to do this mud run. The Irvine Lake Mud Run, to be exact.

On June 22, just 6 days after completing the San Francisco Marathon, I stepped onto the dry land of Irvine Lake Mud Run “Summer of Mud.”

It was just that: mud everywhere, sand, dried mud, specs of faux lakes, deep mud, a real lake, obstacle courses, and mud. The weather was cool enough that I wasn’t gasping for water nor was it affecting my mood. However, because I did not properly train for this type of run, I was out of breath in minutes while the BFF was frolicking along like no one’s business.

The obstacles?
Me – I Huffed And Puffed, Obstacle – I Think We Tied.

The part where everyone’s (practically) in a large ice bath while volunteers pour large buckets of ice water on random human beings?
Me – Epic Fail (I made the novice mistake of acting like I didn’t want to be bothered so, guess what, they gave me all the attention warranted by pouring large buckets of ice water on me! Oh my contacts!), Volunteers – You Win!

The long strip of deep, deep mud where I swore my shoes were going to fall off?
Me – I Survived With Shoes In Tact, Mud – You Lose!

Funny enough, the mud didn’t gross me out or consume my OCD of cleanliness thoughts – it was the blood! A fellow runner had scraped his hand from hobbling over a wooden wall that blood began oozing out of his hand. I immediately said “Maybe you should get that bandaged or skip this fake lake (so he wouldn’t get infected or infect others).” He said “I’ll be okay.” Oh goodness, my OCD of cleanliness kicked into high gear! Medical terms started invading my mind as I tried to quickly “swim” away from his direction. AHHH! Anyways, I survived and am medical term free. Sigh.

Even though I had my some serious doubts about this mud run, I had a lot of fun! I got to experience a different type of run and try something the BFF likes to do for fun. Participants dress up, spectators cheer you on, and everyone has a good time at the world’s largest backyard BBQ. Would I do it again?

Until the next post..

keep on running!

Photos courtesy of Irvine Lake Mud Run “Summer of Mud” 2013



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