Meet: John

Meet John at 405 lbs.

I first met John at a Train 4 Autism event, which you can read about here. After reading his story through a fellow BRIK Fitness gym rat and getting to know him the past couple of months, I became inspired by his determination and belief that “as long as you believe, you can achieve.” Meaning, when I did a sandbag complex workout with him the other day and was almost in near tears because I kept telling myself it was too difficult and wanted to give up, he kept telling me “ can do it..I know you’s all mental..” He was absolutely right. I couldn’t believe I was focusing on the negative thoughts. I mean, I run marathons for crying out loud – it doesn’t make any sense! So, are you ready to meet John? Let’s start with


1. What was your heaviest weight? 405 lbs.

2. Did you go on any diet plans? OxyElite – they’re dangerous pills. Medifast – it lasted 3 months, I was always hungry, and it was the longest diet I’d ever stuck with. I did some walking, too, but that didn’t last very long.

3. What made you decide “Ok, enough is enough. It’s time to really get shit done.”? I woke up one day realizing that if I don’t do anything to lose this weight, I’m going to die. I saw a talk show episode about obese people who were bed ridden. I didn’t want to be that way but knew I was getting close to it. What topped it off was when I went to Universal Studios to have some fun times with my family and was unable to ride roller coasters because of my weight. That was embarrassing. What made the whole trip even more embarrassing was when a lady came up to me, handed me a business card, and then walked away. It read “Fat Loss Personal Training.”

4. Who/what inspired you to go on this fitness journey? I was browsing for fitness regimens online and stumbled upon a contest to win a workout session with a celebrity trainer. “How cool would it be to workout with Mark Wahlberg’s personal trainer?!” Well, my cousin, who lives in Los Angeles, CA mentioned how she lived on the same street as a personal trainer and I wondered how I was going to drive two hours (I lived in San Diego, CA at the time) every day to workout with this person she knew. She made me an offer that changed my life: move in with her and receive the proper exercise and nutritional guidance I so desperately needed. I questioned whether this trainer could take me on so when she said Brian Nguyen was up to it and is Mark Wahlberg’s personal trainer, I couldn’t believe what fate handed me right then and there. One month later, I moved in with her and was ready to begin my fitness journey.

Meet Brian and John.

5. How many pounds were you when you started training with Brian? 405 lbs.

6. Who/what keeps you motivated? I am motivated by the people I surround myself with every single day. It may seem funny but I feed off of negativity or a challenge. It pushes me to do my very best and even though it may be hard at times, at least I know I tried. I also love positive encouragement as it drives me to the roof! I live and die by one of BRIK Fitness’ core values and that is to Improve – 1% each day because it is one step closer to my weight goal. I love my family at BRIK – they are definitely an amazing group of people.

7. Do you own a scale? Why (not)? I don’t own a scale because I don’t believe in numbers. My scale are my clothes – how they fit and what I see in the mirror. It all boils down to how I feel, look, and perform. That is my scale.

I just had to ask the immediate following question because, sometimes, we crave what was familiar/comfortable as I am definitely guilty of it (french fries, I love you forever!). To ask this is to realize how strong you are and have become.

8. What’s the one thing you miss eating and/or doing (ex. candy, playing video games, etc.)? If I was given a cheat meal, I’d eat pizza. I love it!

9. What’s your advice for people who are interested/just starting out on their fitness journey? Listen to the coaches as they are coaches for a reason. Be patient because a journey does not happen overnight. Commit to the hard work you put in because it will pay off and you will see the results.

10. What’s your “Quote of the Day?”

“You have to commit to it if it’s something you want to do. Be patient, follow directions, and never give up. Anyone can lose weight. I would never say it’s easy, but it’s not impossible.”
-John Possible

Meet John NOW (hot damn!).

If you’d like to get to know more about John’s journey, do the sandbag complex workout with him, and/or simply hangout, you can catch him at the following:
Website: BRIK Fitness
Facebook: BRIK Fitness
Twitter: @BrikFit
YouTube: BRIK Fitness

Until the next post..

keep on working out!


4 Replies to “Meet: John”

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  2. Hey! I found your blog last night, and I’m loving everything on here. 🙂

    John seems like such an awesome dude. His transformation is amazing, too! I think it’s great that he prioritizes his health, his emotions, and his performance above his weight. Definitely the healthiest way to lose weight!



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