I’m a New Year’s Race Los Angeles at Night Ambassador! Say what?!

Remember my post about New Year’s Race Los Angeles at Night 2013 being such a tough half marathon to finish? Well, guess what, folks? Meet your new

That’s right: the inaugural event I conquered with fire has selected me as their Ambassador for New Year’s Race Los Angeles at Night 2014! Crazy town!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my name chosen to represent them. Not only did I feel humbled but super excited because I pushed through their tough course and now I’m their Ambassador! Woot woot! It’s so exciting to share my love of running with everyone. I mean, just imagine: running through the City of Angels (that’s Los Angeles, CA, if you didn’t know)..running through Dodger Stadium (that’s right – legally!)..running through Dodger Stadium yelling “Play baaall!”..and running under the city lights at night..


Who wouldn’t want to share this experience? I mean, really? They’re going to change the course a bit after hearing all of the feedback from past participants so you won’t be frowning the way I did. Trust me, the people in charge are listening, folks – they want you to have the best experience ever! I’m glad I got to run their inaugural course though because it resulted in me feeling like I can conquer anything. I mean, running alone is such a challenge (hello, mental self, wake up!) so to accomplish that felt really, very good.

If you ran it this year, you’re going to want to run it again next year as you will hold Legacy status (you fancy, huh?). If you’re thinking about running it, stop thinking and register for it now. I have a $15 off discount code so hit me up for it. 😉

So, are you in? Because

Until the next post..

keep on running!



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