I sweat pink!

Who knows what a Sweat Pink Ambassador is?

It is exactly what I want to be about.

They “..inspire others on their journey to health..believe that strong is the new skinny..have a positive attitude and know whole foods is a healthier route to happiness..understand that pink is the new black.”

Get ready to SWEAT PINK, people!

On my way to a better me, I stumbled upon a website dedicated to individuals who want to be healthy, are healthy, and stay healthy. It’s called Fit Approach and they are building a healthy community..one shoelace at a time.

Who are Sweat Pink Ambassadors? They are:

Natural leaders – they motivate those around them to be their very best and set an example of positive, healthy living. Shoot, I hope I am! I feel I am though am afraid of stepping into the Richard Simmons zone (I don’t want to hear any of that 10 burpees deep!).
Enthusiastic health nuts – they love sweating and eating well but can (and will!) appreciate the finer things in life. The finer things in life, to me, involve In-n-Out french fries. This may differ from Fit Approach’s definition of it though. Teehee.
Curious – eager to discover, learn, share, and connect. I live the “curiosity killed the cat” life.
Passionate – living well gets them going and their enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve never lived a more “well” life than I do now and, I’m pretty sure, I annoy people with my enthusiasm. This is where I’m borderline Richard Simmons.

Why should you become a Sweat Pink Ambassador? Why not? You can:

Inspire others – you will make huge changes in people’s lives by encouraging them to “quit being a couch potato and start living life!”
Get connected – you’ll gain a network of like-minded people, which means inspiration and motivation never end.
Gain exposure – you’ll gain visibility and a whole new audience whether it be on your blog, raising awareness within your family/friends/community, and such.
Get pink swag – did someone say “swag?” Ambassadors get discounts on as well as free Sweat Pink gear for themselves and their community.

That’s right, folks. I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador.

I believed in myself and I believe in YOU to become one, too.

So make the change you want to see in yourself as well as others. Make your community a happier place to come home to. Make this year (and the years to come) a better world, a better country, a better you.

Until the next post..

keep on running!



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