A message from Nike Women’s Marathon

“Congratulations! You have been chosen to be Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco 2013 Ambassador!”

I froze like a scare-dy cat and screamed nothing.

I really, truly couldn’t believe I was chosen to be a part of what-will-be this incredible journey. “REALLY?!” was all I kept thinking. I immediately called my sister and friends, and screamed like a girl once I made all of my phone calls and texts messages. For those who don’t know, running a Nike Women’s Marathon event is like winning the lottery. Literally. Because of its extreme popularity, non-college registrants must go through a lottery system to participate in the ever-popular run. I got SO lucky last year. Now, to be an Ambassador this year is like, well, the thick icing on the cake I will happily devour in 2.5 seconds. I still really can’t believe it. Ahhh!


If you haven’t already thought about it, think about it now as you will want to register for this event. The empowerment of women, camaraderie, benefiting Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the always fancy Tiffany & Co. finisher necklace makes for a memorable weekend. Did I mention gorgeous firemen hand you your Tiffany gem once you cross the finish line? Did I also mention you get to take a swanky picture with them afterwards?

You best get on this!

This year will be the mark of their 10-year anniversary and it is going to rock! (re-)Read my post regarding last year’s run to get you pumped. I made a photo book out of it because it was that amazing for me, for everyone..and for YOU (soon). Visit Nike Women’s Marathon Facebook page for more information, and follow my blog and Twitter for the latest updates, my journey, and all things running.

Until the next post..

keep on running (and mark this event on your calendar)!


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