Congratulations, you’re in!

Let me give you a brief summary of what happened when I took that break from high school to the year 2012: priorities changed, interests changed, and I got into ballet and cycling (as in, participating in bike tours). My sister got into running, surprisingly, and I didn’t really think anything of it but “Running doesn’t interest me anymore. You go have fun.” My co-workers started walking/jogging/running on their lunch breaks or after work and I didn’t really think anything of that either but “I don’t have time for that. Enjoy yourselves.” After fighting a losing battle with my conscience, I decided to take up running again but only as a means to get my conscience to be quiet (I really did it to get into shape). For months, my sister would hint at registering for Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco.

“I don’t want to. A half marathon? 13.1 miles?! Leave me alone.” is what I kept telling her.

“Come on. Our friends are going to do it. It’ll be fun. Plus, you get a Tiffany & Co. necklace.” said my sister, persuasively.

“Tiffany, huh? How much is registration?”

“$150. It’s like paying for a Tiffany necklace.”

I immediately went into the “No” zone because since I’ve never registered for a run before, hearing $150 was like hearing a 5-year old request an iPhone for Christmas. She said, “Look, you may or may not get in. It’s a lottery drawing.” Since I only win when the moon turns blue, I registered just to get her off my back. About a month went by and my sister was an eager beaver. “I hope we get in!” she’d say with glee. I, honestly, was only thinking about not wanting Nike to swipe $150 out of my precious bank account.

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE IN! Your account has been charged.”

I had a moment of “this is what I get for believing I wasn’t going to get selected” to “this is what’s going to get me back into full swing.” Let’s do this!

It’s true; I am an obsessive compulsive traveler (when my bank accounts allow).


I’m really here. It’s really happening.


If you don’t adore Tiffany, you’re lying to yourself.


The team is all together now! From left to right: Keith, Shiori, Diana, and Katherine (my sister).

(now picture yourself at the starting line, getting your GPS ready, 3, 2, 1, GO!)


Finishing (without crying) felt so surreal, so amazing. Keith still loved us after this.


4 out of 5 are part of a Dragon Boat team who call themselves “Killer Guppies.” 1 out of 5 is a girl who is extremely happy to be back at running again. 😀


Ain’t she a beauty? I mean, good golly.


13.1 and done.

I had the absolute time of my life. The camaraderie, my friends, my sister, and the entire event itself created a wondrous weekend I’m definitely putting in the books (I made a photobook out of it, actually.). Would I do it again? In a heartbeat (lottery Gods, please be on my side this year!). Did this event create an addiction to registering for more runs? You betcha. Am I back? Heck yeah!

So, my question to you is: are you going to sign-up for Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco 2013? I’ll see you at the finish line then. 😉

Until the next post..

keep on running!


3 Replies to “Congratulations, you’re in!”

  1. Hi karolyhn,
    Do you know when you can submit your name for the lottery and when the 2013 NWM in SF will be? Im anxious to try my luck and get in.


    1. Hi Roberta!

      Thanks for stopping by! Registration will begin sometime towards the end of April/start of May. Race day is on October 20. Good luck! Hope to see you on the course!



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